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Gujarat Ion Exchange and Chemicals Ltd is one of the leading organization engaged in offering the service of Water Purification, Separation and Water Filtration. GIECL is the name that is going on board in the market for its proficiency to offer continuous solutions for industrial water treatment plant. We are offering a whole assortment of equipments developed and produced by a young and energetic team of people having rich experience of around one decade, GIECL has engraved a position in domestic and international market.

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Since our establishment in this domain we are recognized for offering the services whose needs are increasing day by day. Now a day there is a huge requirement for the drinking water purification plants across the globe. As we know that in today’s era it is very challenging option for mineral water treatment plants and drinking water treatment plants.

We are always been a strong believer in moving ahead with changing times with modernization and innovation which are measured to be the essential support of our organization. The service offered by us is cost effective water treatment systems since last 20years. We are engaged in providing a Simple Proven System of Water Purification so that everyone can drink clean water. Our main motto is to offer esteem clients and society with Clean and Fresh Water who are facing the huge difficulty is gaining the Acute Water Shortage for Clean Water. We are an ISO and CSPO, Gujarat registered Company. We have Rate Contract for RO Plant by CSPO, Govt. of Gujarat to supply in various Govt. Departments. Further pursuing the highest standards and passing through stringent stage wise quality checks, we are engaged in producing a product that can be modified as per customer’s production. We are indulged in making the products of high quality standards that withstand ISO norms.

Industrial RO Plant Manufacturer in India

We are one of the prominent suppliers of Industrial Water Treatment plant in Gujarat, India. GIECL is the brand name well-known in the industrial market for offering an Water Treatment plant which treats water so it is more suitable for a given use, whether for consumption, manufacturing or even dumping. Industrial Water Treatment Plant from GIECL has modified water treatment methods which are specifically treated for water issues in Gujarat and surrounding Gujarat. We are indulged in solution providing with usable process water and potable water and allow for effective waste water management. Further to gain this GIECL uses a range of water processes and key technologies from local as well as from international industrial water treatment experts within the global GIECL market.

Purified water is arranged by RO System and is collected in a water storage tank with the required capacity. At different points of use, a separate heat exchanger is provided to bring down the temperature of hot circulating water as and when the need arises. There is a back pressure valve in the return line, instruments and on/off valve are for controlling the system operation and water quality. After all, each customer has a diverse purified water generation system prerequisite. So, each plant of purified water is custom made by GIECL, whatever its capacity. Every plant is produced by considerate customer specifications in detail and is manufactured with the dedication towards building an efficient, safe and consistent system for the nation.

Further the industrial water treatment system treats water in such a way that it is more suitable for a given use, which might be for consumption, manufacturing or for disposal. It is well-known that each and every system installed will vary that depends on the facility’s requirements and other huge number of technologies that make up these system same as other system. In common, some of the most-needed water treatment systems normally include:

  • Raw water treatment systems
  • Boiler feed water treatment systems
  • Cooling tower water treatment systems
  • Wastewater treatment systems

Industrial Water Treatment Plant Benefits

We generate and execute customized or consistent industrial wastewater treatment solutions and systems. Our employed team members of industrial engineers unite their proficiency with existence of equipped experience to obtain the customers with decisive developed water treatment solution. Our industrial water treatment pooled with modified business strategies makes available the following advantages for clients:

Industrial Water Treatment Plant Benefits

  • Decreased Costs and Superior Savings
  • Partnering for incessant development
  • Procedure superiority
  • Straight access to established water technologies and technical innovation
  • Getting better co-products and reducing waste
  • Devoted and professional resources
  • Excellence in health, protection and environmental management
  • Assurance to your accomplishment

Pharmaceutical RO Plant

GIECL (Gujarat Ion Exchange and Chemical) has set a benchmark in the industry by providing a huge range of Pharmaceutical RO Plant in the pharma industry market. As we know that Pharmaceutical water treatment is necessary as applications is surrounded by the drug industry that are among some of the most complex, but some of the most significant, manufacturing the medicines that save millions and millions of lives around the world. Pure GIECL’s advanced disinfection systems can meet any water treatment standard and continue to do so today.

The offered quality standard gatherings of products are obtainable in a numeral alternative for pleasing the various demands of our customers. Additionally to this, the products are used for decreasing of diverse ions present in water.

The offered osmosis plant is generally lauded in the business sector, inferable from its assorted quality personality. These are made accessible to the customers at industry foremost rates. These are provided as per the set industry norms and guidelines. The offered RO system removes all kinds of germs, bacteria, substances and other organic solvents and purifies the water with utmost precision.

Brackish Water RO System

The water which consists of more total dissolved solids than tap water, but has lower salinity than seawater and usually arises from underground water sources are known as Brackish Water RO System. The impurities present in the water makes it more difficult to use it in diverse applications. For instance, brackish well water has the potential to greatly damage the agriculture houses, and other applications. Our provided RO Chemicals work closely with a diverse range of global organizations, intelligently combining advanced treatment technologies with practical solutions to resolve complex issues.

Water which reaches you might have one of these problems and these can be resolved with following technologies

Bacteria and Virus The technology used to remove the bacteria and virus by Regulated CL Release, Ultra Violet, Reverse Osmosis
Turbidity Muddy WaterThe technology used to remove the Turbidity Muddy Water by Activated Carbon, Ultra Violet, and Reverse Osmosis
Bad Taste & OdorsThe technology used to remove the Bad Taste & Odors by Activated Carbon, and Reverse Osmosis
Hard WaterThe technology used to remove the Hard Water by Reverse Osmosis

Why Choose Us?

We have a strong understanding in the deal and supply of the Industrial Water Treatment plant. Our internal expertises in the market estimations and successive customization of products have not only assisted in client-base expansion but also help us to develop our manufacturing vendors. We structure a serious link for the production core in relation to market trends and prerequisite. Also, our constant moral trade policies have been necessary in a translucent business.

Other Competitive features :

  • Stainless steel pumps
  • Microprocessor based control panel
  • FRP Pressure vessel
  • High rejection TFC Membranes
  • Product and reject flow meters
  • High-pressure tubing and switches
  • Quality-centric team work
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